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Frequently Asked Window Treatments Questions

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Frequently Asked Window Treatments Questions

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This FAQ page is the ideal place for homeowners and business owners to learn about window shades and blinds. There is plenty of information and advice for you to discover and take advantage of, so check out the answers below to learn as much as you can.

How do I choose window blinds for my office?

Decide on the level of light filtering you require, as well as the level of privacy you want. You can go for durable low-maintenance blinds with an easy operation method. You can also opt for high-tech looking shades that offer a unique feel and vibe. Furthermore, you need coverings that reduce glare. Layered shades come to mind. They have a neat and clean look suitable for modern environments and decors. It's really up to you and your preference. Contact Yorba Linda Blinds & Shades to have a professional consult you on this.

Do sheer shades require special maintenance?

No, they don’t. You just need to dust them weekly and vacuum them every two to four weeks using the crevice tools of your vacuum cleaner. Also, be careful about accidentally damaging them. Some soft fabrics can tear rather easily, which will ruin the look and effectiveness of these window coverings. If unsure or worried about accidental damage, seek professional cleaning services.

What types of blinds are best for the nursery?

You must choose window treatments that are safe for small children. They must not have cords or chains dangling down from them. Of course, the coverings have to match your light filtering and privacy requirements as well. Also, consider opting for motorized blinds or shades. These will offer an effective and efficient childproof option.

Do I need curtains if I have blinds?

It depends. As long as you get the required level of privacy and light filtering at any time of the day, then it's up to you. Curtains can add a sense of style to the room, so they're worth considering for that alone. Of course, if your window blinds aren't offering the amount of privacy you want, new drapes can compensate for that.

What kinds of window coverings suit bay windows?

Given the design of bay windows, Roman shades are among the most popular options. They are quite exquisite and match the beauty of the windows perfectly. Roller shades are great modern contenders. They're extremely convenient and easy to use, not to mention, affordable. You'll want covers that allow you to switch from privacy to visibility at will. For those purposes, consider sheer shades, or a set of motorized blinds.


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