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Blinds & Shades in Placentia CA

Custom made shades and blinds can make all the difference to a room, making a dark and dingy space feel light and airy instead. Proper window coverings are important for businesses as well as homes, because it’s so essential to look after your employees and customers - natural light is vital for productivity and comfort. Yorba Linda Blinds & Shades provides a huge range of top-quality shades and blinds for all types of property, so you can be sure you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect shading product for your needs and budget.

Going The Extra Mile in Placentia CA

There are lots of different options to choose from when it comes to blinds and window shades, but choice isn’t the only thing we offer. We appreciate how bewildering it can be to be given dozens of different styles and materials to pick from. That’s why we provide a personal approach, with an in-person consultation at your property free of charge. This allows you a chance to see our blind and shade products and different customizations and combinations, and gives our representatives a chance to give you expert guidance on the best window coverings for each room.

Our Emphasis On Quality

When you’re investing in your home or business, you want to know that you’re spending money wisely. We agree, and these products are designed to last a lifetime; all of our custom window coverings come with a five year or longer warranty. You can be sure that when you invest in our blinds and shades you’re getting the best quality the market has to offer; we don’t compromise on materials, workmanship, or any other aspect.

Here Are Some Of The Products We Provide in Placentia CA:

Motorized Shades

Want to add convenience, security and efficiency to your home? Motorized shades are the perfect way to do so. Offering a huge range of smart integrations, motorized units can be used to provide a host of benefits. For example, connecting your shades to your home’s digital assistant allows you to remotely control them however you want; automatically, from your smartphone, or even by voice. We stock the highest quality custom motorized shades around, including Somfy products - take a look at what we can offer.

Sheer Shades

These products are perfect when you want to maximize light in a room, while still keeping a great deal of privacy. Sheer shades are similar in many ways to blinds, with one crucial difference; gauzy material is fitted between the slats. This diffuses light as it passes between them, allowing you to avoid dazzling rays that slip through the slats. Because you don’t have to worry about glare and unwanted light getting into the room with sheer shades, you’ll be able to keep your windows open wider than you otherwise could - you also won’t sacrifice privacy when you do so.

Solar Shades

These shading products are a great way to cut out unwanted glare without also shutting out the sun. Because solar shades allow natural light to pass through, they’re ideal for use in rooms where light needs to be maximized - they’re often used in kitchens, for instance. A key advantage to using solar shades is that they also offer a great deal of privacy from the outside, because although they allow light to pass they can’t easily be seen through. Lightweight and slim in design, these make a great addition to any room.

Wood Blinds

Wood is sought-after as a material for many different interior design purposes because it brings coziness and comfort to any room. Timeless and hard-wearing, real wood blinds are an unmistakably classic design choice. They’re also a very practical addition to your home, being extremely hard-wearing. Wood blinds also provide a great range of design options, since wood can be worked and finished in a variety of styles and colors.

Aluminum Blinds

Smart, sleek and easy to look after, aluminum blinds are one of the most popular choices of window covering. It’s easy to see why - they require little maintenance above regular cleaning, and are tough enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of daily use. Aluminum blinds can be finished in many different styles and colors, too, which means you can easily find a design to match your existing interior decor.

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Outstanding Service

Outstanding Service

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Commercial & Residential

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5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty

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Professional Team

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