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Make your home or business more comfortable and convenient with custom window coverings. Invest in treatments that make each room an inviting place to be. From motorized shades to Venetian blinds, there are many different options to choose from. You’ll also have complete control over the design and style of your new window coverings. With total custom-built window treatments, you can select colors, materials, and styles. Each one will perfectly complement your property. Keep reading to find out how Yorba Linda Blinds & Shades can enhance your rooms today.

Top-Quality Window Coverings Custom Made For You:

Faux Wood Blinds Offer Attractive Practicality

Choosing custom faux wood blinds offers many benefits. Firstly, faux wood looks great. It’s an excellent addition to almost any room. These are available in finishes that look just like the real thing. Our window coverings can have natural, stained or painted finishes. Faux wood is also a very practical material for custom blinds. Lighter than wood and easier to look after, it’s an extremely popular window treatment for our Brea customers.

Blackout Curtains Cut Light Out Completely

If you need to keep a room dark during the day, custom blackout curtains will do the job perfectly. This makes them a great choice for people who travel a lot, or who have young children. Custom blackout curtains also prevent neighbors from looking through your windows, of course. That makes these window coverings popular with homeowners whose bedroom windows are overlooked. There are many different styles of curtain available, so you won’t need to choose between practicality and aesthetics. Find out more about blackout curtains from experts near Brea today by contacting us.

Cellular Shades - Thermal Insulation In A Slim Package

Using a unique honeycomb structure, cellular shades offer plenty of benefits. Thanks to the air trapped within the material these treatments are great at providing thermal insulation. That makes them an ideal choice for attic windows since heat loss often occurs at the top of a property. In addition, these coverings are slim and low-profile. Cellular shades come in single, double, and triple cell layers. Each option suits different sized windows and provides different levels of insulation.

Venetian Blinds Are Classy And Attractive

When you want window treatments that fit in effortlessly with your design, custom Venetian blinds are ideal. Specify the material you want, choosing from options such as aluminum or vinyl. Then combine your new Venetian blinds with any different colors you want. From dark and strong shades to light and playful. This means you can create the perfect custom Venetian blinds for any room. These window treatments are one of the most popular for homes and businesses near Brea. They’re both smart-looking and effective at light control while also looking great. Venetian blinds can easily complement the rest of the décor. That means they'll add to the interior design without overtaking it.

Motorized Blinds Provide Convenience And Security

Introduce a little 21st-Century technology to your property with custom motorized blinds. We can install these automatic coverings using either wired or wireless power sources. This means you can have motorized blinds installed in almost any position. This enables any property to benefit from them. Motorized blinds are extremely convenient and you can control them effortlessly from a smartphone, remote handset or wall switch. Custom motorized blinds also provide enhanced security. They can reposition throughout the day when using automatic sensors or timer settings. This makes it appear as if you’re still at home, dissuading would-be burglars from attempting to break in.

Roman Shades Are Great In Any Home

You can often find Roman shades in kitchens and living rooms. This is due to their simplicity and effectiveness. They have a great style (often pleated) that adds a lot to the décor. You can alter these window coverings to your precise specifications. There are many different options to choose from, so finding something for you is easy. You’ll have complete control over the pattern and design of each set of custom roman shades. Select the ideal fabric, color, and style to use in each room. That makes Roman shades an extremely popular choice for many Brea homeowners.

Roller Shades - Stylish And Effective

Choose custom roller shades to add excellent light control to any room. These window coverings provide an easy way to enhance comfort and privacy anywhere from an office to the living room. Simply choose the perfect material and pattern for your new custom roller shades, and you’ll have window treatments that match your existing decor.

Vertical Blinds – Perfect For Sliding Doors

As the dimensions of each window change so does the type of blinds that best suit it. For sliding doors and larger windows, vertical blinds take the cake. These window treatments perform better for these sort of windows when it comes to light control and privacy. Vertical blinds go great over large meeting room window walls and patio glass doors. You can get them made out of vinyl, wood, faux wood or classic aluminum. The choice is up to you.

Custom Blinds and Shades Near in Brea CA

Our local Brea -based experts are waiting to provide in-depth advice. Get in touch with Yorba Linda Blinds & Shades to find out how your property could benefit from new custom window coverings. See what sort of styles and designs catch your eye and what color/material you want for your new custom blinds/curtains/shades. Schedule a free consultation and get a quote on any type of window treatment you want.

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Outstanding Service

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5 Year Warranty

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