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Blinds Installation Projects in Brea CA

Many home and business owners near Brea have used our services to install new window blinds. If you're looking for any manual cordless vertical blinds or any type of motorized sheer shades, we can custom make them for your budget/needs. Read the recent work reports below to see how other Brea locals utilized our custom shading products.

Blackout Blinds | La Hambra

Blackout Blinds

Customer Issue: There was a street lamp outside Mr. Shaw’s home that would shine through the closed curtains.
Our Solution: We talked to the customer about the blackout solutions that would best suit his needs, and he went for the blackout blinds because he wanted to keep the interior scheme looking minimal. We measured the windows to be able to make them fit as snugly as possible. Once we tailored the blinds, we returned and completed the installation in no time at all. Mr. Shaw was amazed to see his bedroom become pitch black with the pull of a cord.

Alex Brooks - La Hambra
Sheer Shades Next To La Hambra CA

Sheer Shades

Customer Issue: Mrs. Mendez loves letting in sunlight rather than using artificial light, but doesn’t love how it causes lowered energy efficiency.
Our Solution: Sheer shades allow the best of both by letting in some filtered sunlight into the home while keeping out most of the heat. This is why our experts felt it would be a great addition to Mrs. Mendez’s bedroom. She could enjoy the sun, while still keeping the area cool. Measurements of her windows were used to make the shades to custom, exact size before we put them in.

Cassandra Mendez - La Hambra
Faux Wood Blinds Close-by Brea CA

Motorized Faux Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: Our customer wanted to simplify his everyday household life as much as possible.
Our Solution: Our customer knew he wanted motorized window treatments, but was still having second thoughts about what type of coverings to choose. After a lengthy discussion with Mr. Griffin, he went for the faux wood blinds. Not only did they match the overall style of his home, but could also withstand high moisture in kitchen and bathroom areas. Once we mounted the blinds, we showed Mr. Griffin how to program and operate them with an app on his phone.

Andrew Griffin - Brea
Roller Shades Nearest Sleepy Hollow CA

Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Due to needing new shades all over her home, Mrs. Warner wanted a style that was extremely customizable so they would easily match every room.
Our Solution: Roller shades seemed like the best choice for Mrs. Warner, as the cloth has endless choices of color and patterns to be able to suit the sets to each room while being overall uniform. Our professionals happily assisted her to find the right color of cloth to complement every room in the home.

Molly Warner - Sleepy Hollow
Motorized Window Blinds Nearby Brea CA

Motorized Window Blinds

Customer Issue: The McKormick family wanted to switch to some more protective and cordless window treatments before their first baby’s birth. Motorized blinds were what she was leaning towards.
Our Solution: Three windows of different sizes needed blinds, but the customer wasn’t too concerned with color and style. Our team put together three frames of uniform, three inch wide rotating synthetic slats, and the three openers were connected to a handset and central wall console. Her new motorized blinds look and work great.

Simon McKormick - Brea
Sheer Shades With Fabric Vanes Nearby La Hambra CA

Sheer Shades With Fabric Vanes

Customer Issue: A realtor/interior designer ordered some custom sheer shades to give a living room the perfect ambiance. He had us add fabric vanes to allow for maximum light control options.
Our Solution: The size of the window required two adjacent sets of sheer shades with protective boxes to collapse into above the window frame and paired cords to allow one or both to be adjusted simultaneously. The angelic white coloration complemented the room perfectly.

Gene Chamberlain - La Hambra
Vertical Blinds Close To Sleepy Hollow CA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Ordrellana had a window to cover with a problematically shaped frame, but plenty of wall space beside it. He was after a set of custom vertical blinds.
Our Solution: Installing the tracks was difficult in this case due to the uneven lines of the wall, but our team put together a curving structure that got around the problem. The slats of semi-rigid plastic vertical blinds are flexible enough to not run into issues with this.

Hjordis Ordrellana - Sleepy Hollow
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Outstanding Service

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Commercial & Residential

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5 Year Warranty

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