Zebra Blinds

July 6, 2016

zebra shadesRoller shade blinds are very functional and yet their mechanism is some of the most simple of all window shades and blinds. Their moving parts consist mainly of the rolling mechanism and the drape or the vanes that are attached to it. What the designers and manufacturers of zebra blinds did was to take this basic mechanism and add a little flair to it. What they ended up with was the characteristic black and white alternating pattern that’s found in zebras.

A Functional Dual Design

The zebra-like pattern that’s incorporated is not merely for style and pizzazz but in fact a wise combination that serves a functional role. What the pattern combination essentially did was to create a mechanism that functions as dual roller blinds. This is because when the dark and light vanes are adjusted so they’re alternating, they can let light pass through; but when the vanes are adjusted so that all the dark vanes are aligned, all external lighting is blocked. This makes them perfect room darkening shades for bedrooms. They also become great choices for offices and conference rooms.

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